36 Hours at MHacks 8

Sat, Oct 8, 2016 — 143 words — Read in 1 min

Today marks the second day of the 8th MHacks held by the University of Michigan. Woooo Go Blue! This year, the hackathon is held at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. It’s a very suitable venue for the event. Extremely large. Ample areas to sleep in… if anyone gets any sleep.

I came into this hackathon without having a project planned. I still don’t have a project planned. In fact, I’ve resorted to finishing up old projects that I started and never completed. One of which is this website I’m currently blogging from. I used a wonderful static website generator called Hugo. Credit to Hugo and its creator Steve Francia. It really is a great tool. So great in fact that I’m going to talk about how much I enjoyed using it in my next post!

But for now, I’m back to the hackathon!

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